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Evie Cook

Canyon Country, CA - United States








Evie Cook

Canyon Country, CA - United States

Evie Cook - Fine Artist

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About Evie Cook

With a background in everything from oils, acrylics and pastel to computer animation, Evie Cook combined her talents and created a new line of present-day inspirational art. 'The Inspirational Canvas' is her collection of digital art containing messages relevant to our present-day lives, hopes, problems and desires. Thinking in a positive light, she has taken various subjects and created phrases within art to help the viewer maintain a positive frame of mind in overcoming the barriers in life....or at least put them back into perspective alongside all the good things we still have.

It is always a blessing to have parents who encourage their children’s emerging abilities and interests, and by the time she was eight Evie was receiving a series of lessons in drawing and painting, and later added anatomy and pastel. She took every art class available in school. Having reaped the benefits of an extensive art education she is a strong supporter of beginning arts instruction at an early age. In her teens she realized that the reason she created art was simply to make people happy. No matter what they experienced during the course of their day she wanted to make them smile or feel better when they viewed her art. To this day she is still creating art that does just that.

Later, when Evie became familiar with computer/digital art programs she began working professionally in photo editing and retouching, visual effects and graphic design. Today she is creating messages that are timely and inspirational in today’s world. She believes the more voices that speak and are heard, the faster we will see the changes we need. This has become her most popular art and is her main creative concentration.

Evie presently resides in Santa Clarita, California, continues to produce art pieces in various media and does private instruction in oils, acrylics, pastel and the computer arts of graphic design and photo editing/manipulation.

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